"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. "
                                                                       - Pablo Picasso

About Dustine Kinsella...

Dustine resides in Innisfail Alberta with her husband and is a grandmother to 15 grandchildren.  She is a self-taught artist and her artistic journey began at the age of 50, with a simple desire to draw, leading into a desire to paint. She primarily works with acrylics and illustrates varied subjects including, landscapes, wildlife , abstracts, impressions etc., working in her unique personalized style.

Dustine enjoys experimenting in her craft and finds fulfillment in creating her art with new ideas and techniques. She takes pleasure in sharing her learned techniques with others and is an example of its never too late to start or learn something new.

Her work has been on exhibit in local art shows and business’s in her community. For more information, contact Dustine at info@dustineart.com